Published Writing

I am in the slow process of publishing my writing.  So far, I have one!  Listed below if book one of a series that has been in the making for 5+ years.  Take a gander!  I will also be post random updates about my other pieces as they arrive.

Spark of Life

Emmett had always preferred fantasy over reality, more so now since he lost his job and finical aid for college. With his parents hounding him to continue with his schooling Emmett finds himself digging in his heels. He wants nothing more than to continue working on a table top game that has been months in the making.

When Emmett is dragged into a world filled with magic and mythical creatures he was excited. Elves, goblins, and dwarves? This was a dream come true. It soon becomes clear that things aren’t as easy and carefree as it would be in one of his gaming sessions. With his life in increasing danger and no guaranteed way to get home, Emmett needs to find someone with the ability to help.

But what if that someone is himself?


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